And we're back... February 06 2018

Hey y'all... it's been a while. We've missed you. And we're BACK.

Where did we go, you ask? Well, the truth is, we just had to go kick some ass for a while... 

Our founder was diagnosed with cancer. Everyone knows that can pretty much take over your life, and it did. Lots of treatment and a boatload of surgeries later, our fearless leader is kickin' some cancer ass & is back with a vengeance. (Around here, we refer to that special form of badassery as Ridin' Dirty...)

Oh yeah, we also had to fight a long (and ridiculous) trademark battle... for our own name... that we own... did we say it was ridiculous? Yeah, it was. But it's cool, we kicked some ass on that too.

We also started a few new brands while we've been away, one of which is a fundraiser for cancer patients in need. Check out Suck It, Cancer if you're interested. It's kind of awesome.

So that's the short version of the story. We hope you'll stay tuned... the chapters ahead are better than ever before. We're so stoked you're still here with us... it's gonna be good.